Billie Scheepers / 02.04.2016

Sudha Kheterpal is a globally successful percussionist, best known for her work with electronica hitmakers Faithless.  Over the course of her career she has also worked with Dido, The Spice Girls, and Kylie Minogue, playing on all the major stages around the world.  For many years, Sudha wondered whether the huge amounts of energy created from performing on some of the world’s biggest stages, could be harnessed and used. Her passionate belief that we need to look at how to harness alternative sources of renewable energy, combined with the understanding that music has the power to unite us all, has led Sudha to develop the world’s first clean energy-generating musical instrument called Spark. Spark enables people to generate light as they play it and can charge up a mobile phone with the addition of a solar panel.  Sudha’s initiative Shake Your Power delivers Spark directly to communities in off-grid areas in Africa.

“I realized my work needed to be for the benefit of others and not for myself.”

Sudha Kheterpal

“I was waiting for this big, kind of upheaval, this Eureka moment but in fact it the idea was just there and so it very naturally came very naturally.”

Sudha Kheterpal

“The simplicity of Spark is for that people produce their own power and quite literally find their own light. It’s not coming from a religious point of view. It really is just a core truth I have. This lies at the very core of my mission.”

Sudha Kheterpal

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