Billie Scheepers / 09.12.2014

Sporting legend and Professional Snooker player Ronnie O’Sullivan was born on December 5, 1975 in Wordsley, West Midlands.  At a young age, he showed promising talent as a Snooker player when his father bought him a small table to practise on.   By the time he was eleven he was playing grown men at the sport.   In 1992, he turned professional and competed at the world level.  Nicknamed “The Rocket” for his rapid playing style, he holds the record for the most maximums (12) in professional competition. O’Sullivan has won numerous world championships and he became the first man to win a single professional title on nine separate occasions.  On top of this he used to run competitively to a professional level.

“One word of  inspiration: Intensity”

“It started when I was very young, about seven or eight I think. I could just about see over the table. I just had this fascination with the game, and I remember non-stop playing it.”

Ronnie O'Sullivan

“At times you think ‘what is plan B?’ I don’t have a plan B. Sometimes you just feel trapped. I think ‘well what else am I going to do?’ and I try to do other things, and it’s just not the same.”

Ronnie O'Sullivan

“What motivates me? Fear of failure. I don’t like to fail.”

Ronnie O'Sullivan

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