Billie Scheepers / 20.09.2014

Nicole Farhi is an acclaimed fashion designer turned Sculptor and artist.  She was born in Nice, France but started her career in Fashion in Paris before moving to London in the 1970s.  In 1978 Farhi was employed by Businessman Stephen Marks to head up the design for his label French Connection.  Farhi went on to have a daughter, Candice Marks before separating amicably. Fahri began to develop a love of sculpture and in 2007 she was appointed an honorary CBE and again in 2012 the Leghion of Honour.  She is now married to British Playwright David Hare.

“One word of  inspiration: Clarity”

“When I was young I wanted to be an artist. I made paper dolls, drawing and cutting out the outfits.”

Nicole Farhi

“In the early 80s I was not fulfilled by just being a fashion designer. I met a friend who was a sculptor and I decided that was what I would like to do”

Nicole Farhi

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