Billie Scheepers / 17.09.2014

Master Oh was born in South Korea and from an early age experienced chronic health problems, with much of his childhood being spent in and out of hospitals. This experience shaped his views on life and how to live free from pain and anxiety.
As a university student he searched for a way to overcome his health issues and encountered an ancient healing method that changed his life.
With little money or knowledge of English he left his home country to spread the Qi method to the world, opening the first Qi Centre in Sydney in 1994.
Subsequently, he opened centres in the USA, Canada, Holland, Norway and Slovenia. In the UK he has opened centres in London, Manchester and Exeter. The London Centre first opened 14 years ago.

“One word of ¬†inspiration: Light”

“Everybody who has a heart inspires me. You can learn something from everybody.”

Master Oh

“When you have nothing, what do you have to do except trust yourself? Believe in your own intention.”

Master Oh

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