Billie Scheepers / 04.10.2014

Kay Montano is a London based makeup artist, writer and feminist.  She was born in London and her first ever makeup job was the cover of the Face magazine when she was 17 years old.   She then began to work regularly with the infamous ‘Buffalo’ fashion group and was taken on by her first agent in Paris.   After a brief interlude as a successful singer in the band ‘Oldland Montano’ she came back to makeup and spent a time living in New York.  Her written oeuvre includes a column at the Mail , her personal website Kaymontano.com and her collaborative online platform with friend Thandie Newton.

“One word of  inspiration: Wanderlust”

“I don’t believe there are specific jobs for people. I think your interests and desires can bend to many different areas”

Kay Montano

“I struggle all the time. I think everyone does if they’re really honest”

Kay Montano

“I want to keep growing, that’s why every few years I try and like oysters - I haven’t managed to yet. I keep trying because I might like oysters one day and I don’t want to miss out!”

Kay Montano

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