Billie Scheepers / 11.10.2014

David Roberts is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive of Edinburgh House Estates and the Principal and Co-Founder of Estama GmbH an asset and property management company. In 2007, David Roberts opened the David Roberts Art Foundation, an independent, non-profit foundation dedicated to developing an international and often collaborative program of exhibitions, commissions, live events, discussions and projects. David started collecting in the mid-1990s: the collection grew organically and today forms a group of more than 1800 works, representing 750 international artists.

“One word of  inspiration: Self-Belief”

“I owe a lot to my parents but they came from a very working class background and they believed undoubtedly in me improving myself”

David Roberts

“I think more than anything else, fear of failure, I think that’s the biggest motivator, I think because of where I come from, I know that ultimately everything disappears, but I can survive, because you just have to”

David Roberts

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