Billie Scheepers / 02.03.2016

Caryn Franklin MBE was born in 1959 in London, the daughter of a civil engineer. After university she went to work with Terry Jones at renowned i-D Magazine and eventually became Fashion Editor and Co-Editor.  A broadcaster, writer, director and producer, she has worked with many major networks, including the BBC, to produce TV shows and documentaries. This included The Clothes Show, which ran for 12-years from 1986-98.   Caryn has always been interested in the politics of image and self-esteem and her campaigns have spanned from aiding Bosnian refugees to raising awareness for Aids and Breast Cancer.   She has contributed to many national newspapers and magazines and has four books to her name, including a novel.

“I always felt I didn’t want this woman’s life. I could see much more interesting things that I wanted to do. I have always had this sort of quiet rage over the gender injustice that I see everywhere.”

Caryn Franklin

“I realized that we had to get people as their ideas were forming at seed level so we went into universities up and done the country to encourage young creatives to challenge the system.”

Caryn Franklin

“I’ve lost my mind and regained it, and my biggest fear would be losing my mind again and not regaining it.”

Caryn Franklin

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