Billie Scheepers / 13.09.2014

Alan Kitching was born in Darlington, Co Durham, and took his first job as an apprentice compositor with a local letter press when he was just 14 years of age.  He moved south in the early 1960s to pursue a career in Design.   There he met Anthony Froshaug, with whom he co-established the experimental printing workshop at Watford College of technology, School of Art. Kitching established his own design practice in London in 1973 and started letterpress printing there in 1985.  He began teaching typography as a visiting lecturer at the Royal College of Art and remained a teacher there until 2006.  Kitching established The Typography Workshop in London in 1989 and has been commissioned by the likes of The Guardian, Borough market, Clarks Shoes as well as creating a set of cards for the Tate Gallery in 2010.

“One word of  inspiration: Luck”

“Whats the point of having regrets? You can’t go back, there’s not time. I love an attitude that says “this is not a rehearsal” - your life is for real. Do things correctly straight off”

Alan Kitching

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